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Accelerating innovation

We manufacture and supply world class chemicals, fibers and plastics products that provide real competitive advantage for your business in your chosen marketplace.

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Commitment to Zero

We believe it is possible to operate with zero incidents – zero personal injuries, zero process safety incidents and environmental releases. We work together as One Ascend to embrace this Commitment to Zero every day in every activity we do.

Inspiring everyday

“Branding is about standing out in the marketplace.”

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Sustainability at Ascend

Sustainability is about protecting people – our employees, their families, the communities in which we live and countless people across the globe.

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Ascend Cares Foundation

The Ascend Cares report shows how the foundation supports Ascend families, provides inspiring opportunities for community engagement and facilitates community leadership.

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The premium provider of high-quality plastics, chemicals and fibers

Ascend has the inspiration, expertise and innovative thinking to consistently deliver quality solutions to our customers.

As the world's largest fully integrated producer of nylon 6,6 resin, we designed our vertically integrated manufacturing process to ensure quality, consistency and supply security for our customers. Our Vydyne® PA66 resins and compounds are used in everyday essentials around the world, from car engines and sporting equipment to apparel and cable ties.

Polyamide 66 vs. next-best resins

PA66 offers the best balance of performance and overall system cost. Our white paper compares nylon 6,6 to the next-best resins — and shows why it comes out on top.

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