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Charge air cooler

As a subsystem in turbocharged engines, charge air coolers play a critical role in new engine designs. Routing high-temperature air into the intercooler places significant demand on the charge air cooler. To make a reliable charge air cooler, you need a material that can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures. That material also needs stiffness, chemical resistance and dimensional stability, and it needs to keep these properties after heat aging.

Vydyne® HT Series is a portfolio of heat-resistant glass-filled PA66 grades designed to ensure part reliability in demanding automotive applications, like charge air coolers. HT Series grades are ideal because of their enhanced ability to retain 50% of their physical properties after 3,000 hours exposure at 190°C.

Polyamide 66 vs. next-best resins

PA66 offers the best balance of performance and overall system cost. Our white paper compares nylon 6,6 to the next-best resins — and shows why it comes out on top.

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