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Electrical & Electronic

Electrical & Electronic

You can use Vydyne® with confidence in your electrical and electronic applications, including connectors, relays, switches, plugs, housings, cables, buttons and knobs, input/output ports, insulators, face plates, transformers, terminal blocks and coil bobbins.

Ascend's expert applications development specialists help your engineers and designers develop innovative and cost-effective nylon solutions to satisfy your design criteria.

New product highlight

Safer, high-performing PA66 resin for unattended appliances: FR350J

Ascend's Vydyne FR350J is an unreinforced, flame-retardant PA66 resin designed for unattended appliance electrical connectors. FR350J exhibits best-in-class glow wire ignition temperatures (GWIT) of 960°C at all thicknesses (0.4-3.0 mm) according to UL testing via IEC 60695-2-13. Finished molded parts were tested according to the unattended appliance standard IEC 60335-1 and achieved passing GWIT values of 750°C at all thicknesses. In addition to high GWIT values, Vydyne FR350J is engineered with high elongation and ductility to allow engineers greater design freedom with final molded part geometries. FR350J resin has superior melt flow, reduced mold pressure and reduced cycle time – increasing your production yields while reducing costs.

Polyamide 66 vs. next-best resins

PA66 offers the best balance of performance and overall system cost. Our white paper compares nylon 6,6 to the next-best resins — and shows why it comes out on top.

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