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Battery seals

Battery seals

A battery seal is a device that tightly seals a battery to prevent the loss of electrolytes. The plastic gasket is sealed to the cell by means of radial crimping pressure or by impact. A vent mechanism is incorporated into the gasket to release pressure and protect against cell rupture and damage in the event of misuse under abusive conditions. The vent is designed to relieve excessive gas pressure that may be generated by prolonged short-circuiting, improper disposal during a fire, charging and/or incorrect insertion in devices.

Battery seals must possess excellent chemical resistance and maintain dimensional stability throughout their design life.

Polyamide 66 vs. next-best resins

PA66 offers the best balance of performance and overall system cost. Our white paper compares nylon 6,6 to the next-best resins — and shows why it comes out on top.

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