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Vydyne® 66R

Vydyne® 66R is a member of a family of unreinforced extrusion grade nylon 6,6 resins. It is available in natural color only. These resins offer high strength, rigidity, and toughness for a broad range of demanding application requirements. Vydyne® extrusion grade resins provide good resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, solvents, gasoline, and machine and motor oils.

Vydyne® 66R is heat stabilized for added resistance to elevated temperature use over extended periods. The high viscosity of Vydyne® 66R allows for a very stable and easily controlled melt extrudate. Vydyne® 66R contains a slip agent to provide improved machine feed and improved lubricity in extruded applications.

Application End Uses

Vydyne® 66R can be fabricated into film, monofilament, bristle, tubing, rod, profiles, and sheet for use in automotive and industrial applications. It is particularly useful in blown film applications.


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